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TaylorMade Gloire

Tradition Meets Technology

Catering to the golfers who seek the highest quality of life, TaylorMade has introduced Gloire, a new premium product for those who will not settle for anything less than the very best. Named after the word for 'Glory' in the traditional Scottish Gaelic language, the team of engineers and designers at TaylorMade has created a new line of clubs that provide the ultimate combination of distance, high trajectory and foregiveness. With an emphasis on quality and refinement, the Gloire line will match the expectations for performance and sophistication of even the most discerning golfers.


Advance Distance Technology

Gloire is a continuation of Taylormade's outstanding reputation for producing top of the line drivers. The Gloire driver utilizes the proven ultro-low CG placement, promoting a high launch and low spin off the tee, while the tuned CG weighting system (slightly heel-biased) promotes a high draw ball flight for greater distance down the fairway.


The driver also benefits from improved aerodynamics, with its new aero shape head design allowing a smoother wind flow over the crown. Combined with the rounded crown to reduce drag, the end result is a higher clubhead speed which result in higherball speed - something every golfer has on their driver wish list.

The new inverted cone technology (ICT2) consists of a forged alpha-beta titanium face. In plain terms, the driver has a larger sweet spot than the previous generation of ICT, prodicing improved ball speed on off-center hits.


Why Is Gloire So Long?

At just 282g, the Gloire driver is ultra lightweight and holds 70% of that weight in the club head. This makes it easier to swing the club faster and transfer maximum energy to the ball. The adjustability of TaylorMade frivers remains second to none. The flight control technology (FCT) on the Gloire driver consists of eight settings with a new 1.5 deg sleeves for a 3 degree range of loft settings.

The Gloire Fairway Wood is another superb piece of equipment, a titanium club designed entirely without compromises. Similar to driver, the low CG placement generates the high launch and low spin but what's particularly unique about the fairway wood is the two 18g tungsten weights strategically positioned low-forward in the club head for a high launch with incredible carry distance. The high performance titanium also allows for an ultra-thin 2.2mm face that delivers COR performance - the closest Taylormade has ever come to making a fairway wood at the COR limit.


Iron Built Like Metalwoods.

With every Gloire iron designed like a metalwood, they deliver a performance far beyond their traditional appearance. Their unique constructuion, boasting a dual cavity design, delivers optimum performance with large face size, high COR face and deep/low CG. In particular, the large face also utilizes the inverted cone technology to produce like sweet spot like no other. In facts, it's the largest sweet spot that TaylorMade has ever produced for any of its irons!


The heel and toe tungsten weights have also been added to the iron, providing a low CG location for higher launch, as well as an increased MOI for more forgiveness. The long irons are built like hybrids with their metalwood-style large hollow cavity. They're basically built with iron-shape but with the distance and palyability of a metalwood.


A Putter With Precision

The forge and precision milled Gloire putter features heel and toe weights for the perfect feel and performance on every putt. The aggressive milling marks deliver a perfectly flat face and premium look, while the classic design boasts a traditinal shape with gently sloping bumpers and horizontal shoulders. The putter delivers an outstanding feel in the hands, providing that much needed confidence on the green.


New 5-Layer Golf Ball

The five-piece Gloire golf ball deliver a performance that was once restricted to just the top players. With high launch off the tee, a soft feel off the iron and spin on all shots around the green, you'll struggle to go back to playing with any other ball. The 5-layer construction has actually been optimized for slower swing speed, also assisting with the high launch and spin around the green.